Women want pretty privates - Bizarre summer trend could reach Jamaica

July 02, 2018

Some Jamaican women are eager to improve the attractiveness of their 'privates' by adding decorations. Already, women around the world have been adding crystals and other sparkling decorations to their genitals in large patterns, through a process which his called vajazzling. And it seems some Jamaican women are not prepared to be left behind.

Samantha Mitchell says she is more than ready to not only spruce up her lady part but also to show it off.

"Yes! I am going to have to get this. It look hot, weh yuh a talk bout, worse mi nuh like wear panty. Guh see mi wid mi boo bling, boo bling and dem deep cut body suit yah. Woieee! Memba say a summer, beach turn up," an excited Mitchell told THE STAR.

The UK's Daily Star recently reported that "glitter pubes are the latest summer fashion trend to take off."




In Jamaica, a woman, who gave her name as Marie, said she wants to vajazzle her vagina in order to attract wealthy men.

"Mi want it cause dem time deh a bare rich man woulda want mi cause dem know say, just fi see it alone dem haffi have dem money," she said before bursting into laughter.

Explaining that she would like her vagina to have a 'rich look, Marie said she would be willing to purchasing costly gems to ensure that it is even more attractive.

"Mi woulda want some gold or diamond inna it cause mi want mi body look and feel expensive," she said.

And although Vanessa Wallace says she would not spend big bucks on making her vagina look prettier, she sees nothing wrong with it.

"Nutten no wrong with it cause is just like di girl dem weh a do dem breast and dem bottom. A just supm yuh do fi mek yuh body look good. A your body suh yuh supposed to can do anything yuh want wid it," she said.

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