Kind-hearted student needs help to reach college

July 03, 2018
Chellice Brown

Twenty-year-old Chellice Brown has big dreams of going to college to purse a degree in consumer science.

Consumer science is the study of food and its components. It involves the study of chemical reactions and how they affect the body.

She believes this is truly her calling because she loves anything to do with food, as it excites her.

Similar to her big dreams, she has a big heart as well.

After leaving Gaynstead High School two years ago, she went to Heart Trust/NTA where she became a Level Two pastry chef.

She used the skills that she learnt to help her save towards her dream of going to university.

"I bake and sell so that I can save money towards my education. I also have my annual pizza sale," she said.

Brown saved up the money she got from these events to put towards her education. But she used those savings to help other family members.

"I sometimes do birthday cakes and I was working and saving, but I had to invest it all back in my cousin, who was dong CXCs, and in my nephew," she said.

Brown, who is currently unemployed, said she did not regret investing in her family members because their education is as important as hers.

"I had to help my little cousin out because her family does't have it, and we grew up together," she said.

She said that her mom, who is a housekeeper, tries to help out when she can and she is grateful for the assistance.

Brown said she has been accepted to The Mico University College and is in the process of getting everything finalised.




Even though she does not have all of the $350,000 annual fee, she said that she is still trying to pursue her dream.

Her mother, Marcia Patterson, said that she is very proud of Chellice, who has always been a hard-working person.

"One thing I can tell you about my daughter is that she is a fighter. She does't know the meaning of giving up, but she knows the meaning of sacrifice, and that is the reason why I am so proud of her," she said.

Patterson said that this is her daughter's dream, as since she was six years old, she has been in the kitchen.

She said that there were times Brown would try different things in the kitchen and make her own recipes which turned out really good. Brown is now hoping to get a scholarship.

She said that she has tried various institutions but hasn't yet got a response.

She said, however, that she is determined to go to school to fullfil her dreams.

Anyone looking to assist Chellice, can contact her mother, Marcia Patterson, at 876-422-2549.

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