Motorcycle gunmen attack Negril police

July 03, 2018
There has been a reduction in motorcyle fatal accidents.

Police personnel assigned to the Negril Police Station in Westmoreland were drawn into a scary gunfight on Sunday morning when two men travelling on a motorcycle greeted them with heavy gunfire before escaping.

According to the reports, shortly after 7 a.m., policemen were conducting a routine patrol along sections of the Namprell main road when they signalled a motorcycle with two men on board to stop.

Instead of complying, both men brandished handguns and began shooting at the police. The lawmen were forced to take cover before returning the fire. Instead of fleeing initially, the men reportedly stood their ground as a heated gun battle ensued.

"De bwoy dem serious ... dem stand up and war de police dem," an eyewitness told The WESTERN STAR. "In the end, they rode away leaving the police behind."

In recent years, Westmoreland has become quite a dangerous parish. Young gangsters, empowered by the spoils from the illicit lottery scam which is now rampant in the parish, have formed themselves into gangs and have been shooting and murdering with impunity.

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