Meat lovers flocking to try duck - St Bess family providing different delicacy

July 06, 2018
Cuff Hill Farms provides a variety of ducks.
Machel Webster
It's feeding time for the ducks.
All packaged, the Cuff Hill Farm ducks are ready for sale.

For the meat lovers who are willing to try something new, there is duck meat on the market.

Machel Webster told THE WEEKEND STAR that Cuff Hill Farms, his family's enterprise in Balaclava, St Elizabeth, thought of the idea as a way to set themselves apart from other persons who are selling other types of meat.

"We just decided to think outside the box because other persons are selling meats that people usually buy, so we asked 'What would set us apart'? And we thought of this," he said.

He said that before they started to sell duck meat, they did some research and they liked the results, so they went ahead with the idea.

"I did my own research and decided that I was going to sell it. I just didn't want to sell the same thing as every one else," he said.

As a man who used to rear rabbits , he said that raising ducks is much easier because it is similar to raising chickens.

He said that the difference between rabbits and ducks is that the kits (young rabbits) have to depend on their mother for milk.

But with ducklings, from they hatch they can feed for themselves.

Even though the business has only been going for six months, Webster said that the support they are getting is great.

He reiterated that it is a family business which is owned by his father. Webster, along with his uncle, are running the day-to-day activities involved in taking care of the farm.

"On an average week, we sell at least 30 ducks and that is a lot. We just want to get more Jamaicans interested in buying this type of delicacy as we try to expand our business," he said.

Despite their location in a rural parish, Webster said that they do delivery to other areas of the island.

He said that even though the meat is being sold for $500 per pound, they are very happy that people are supporting them and are looking forward to more support from the rest of Jamaica.

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