Policeman seeks assistance for spinal surgery

July 06, 2018
Ryan Saunders

District Constable Ryan Saunders said he is seeking financial assistance of US$150,000 to undergo corrective surgery on his spine at The Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.

The lawman, who is stationed at the Falmouth Police Station, said he has been unable to work for over a month due to his health issues.

"When I was going into the force, I discovered that I had scoliosis. I had to get a pass from my private doctor to enter the police force. It got aggravated during work and got really bad, so I can't work. I love my job and want to leave a lasting impact on my country," he said.

The 22-year-old policeman told THE WEEKEND STAR that his injury was derived from a blow he received from a relative almost four years ago.

"One of the discs on my spine has been dislocated, and this was caused by a hit I got when I was 18 years old. She wanted to give one of my shoes to another relative, and when I told her she couldn't, she used a yam stick to hit me, and the blow floored me," he said. No charges were filed in the incident.

Saunders said that although he had lost consciousness for a short period after he was hit, he didn't make much of the incident, but the wound apparently became infected over time.

Now, Saunders has also developed a tumour.

"A one terrible lick. It knock me out wicked and damaged my back really bad. The doctor said the disc is broken. I wasn't paying much attention to it, so now, a tumour has developed, and the doctors now a say it probably may be cancerous, but me really a pray that's not the case. Me just wa get better and live a normal life," he said.

Persons wishing to assist Saunders may contact him at 1876-386-9072.

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