St Kitts man blames monkeys for overstaying in Jamaica

July 10, 2018

The St James Parish Court has made a removal order in the case of a St Kitts native who overstayed his visit to Jamaica by five years.

Eli Freeman pleaded guilty to overstaying following his recent appearance in the St James Parish Court last Wednesday.

Presiding judge Kacia Grant was told that he should have left the country on June 11, 2013.

"Why didn't you regularise yourself?" Grant asked Freeman.

"Jamaica is very beautiful, and Jamaica has a lot of beautiful women, but we (in St Kitts) have a place that is overpopulated by monkeys," Freeman replied, drawing laughter from the court. "My purpose for being here is farming. I have been farming food mostly, but also ganja," he frankly admitted.

"It is good to have you here, but you overstayed your visit. We don't mind you coming here, but please regularise yourself," Grant told the accused man.


Improve lock-up conditions


Freeman also took a moment to make suggestions on how to improve conditions at the Freeport police lock-up, where he had been held in remand.

"I believe every inmate should get 10 spliffs a day as it calms the inmates. It's not easy being in a cell so many hours a day," Freeman told the court.

Freeman was subsequently admonished and discharged by Grant, and a removal order was issued for him.

"It's not a deportation order, so you're free to re-enter this country, but please regularise yourself," Grant advised Freeman.


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