Woman enjoys being beaten by boyfriend

July 13, 2018

"He beats me and I like it," Cassandra said, when asked why she allows her significant other to put his hands on her. At 25 years old, she feels that there is nothing unusual about a man beating a woman because that is what she was exposed to at home.

Believe it or not, she is convinced that her man beating her is an affirmation of his love. She said there are times she causes an argument in order to provoke her boyfriend's wrath. And like clockwork, he would beat her.

"The best part of a fight after me done get beaten is that we have sex. Make-up sex is the best type of sex to me," she said.

Cassandra said that there are times that she would provoke her boyfriend so much that he would beat her severely, and she would be in pain for days because of the swelling.

"Sometimes me just start a random argument about anything when me see him nah pay me no attention," she said.

But being beaten is nothing new to Cassandra. She said that as a child she always got beaten by her parents, and they always told that they loved her. In addition, her daddy made beating her mom a habit.

"Nuh matter how him beat her, she wouldn't leave him, she always seh she love him," she said.

Professor Wendel Abel, head of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies, said that women who find themselves in situations like these should get themselves out because it is dangerous.

"Women should see abuse as an act of violence ... nobody has the right to physically abuse another person," he said.

"This lady need to get out of this relationship and go seek some psychological care and begin to love herself and take care of herself," he said

However, Cassandra said she will never leave the man she is with, and even though their relationship is only a year old, she is looking forward to many years with him.

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