Woman pays $1 million to get rid of demon

July 13, 2018

A Kingston woman is pleading for anyone to rid her of a sex demon that has been plaguing her for years.

Mary Brown*, 55, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she has spent over J$1 million to get rid of several incubuses (male sex demons) over a 30-year period but one has remained latched to her for little more than a decade.

"A long time me a go thru this and a lot of the demons come. Those were sent by a woman who I used to share boyfriend with. Those gone but there is one that never leave for a while now," she said.

She stated that she has now found a temporary alternative to keep the demon from molesting her.

"The only way I can sleep with ease is when I sleep with garlic in my vagina. Me don't know if it safe for me fi a use it so long but a the only way me can sleep in peace. I'm not crazy, I just need somebody to help me," she said.

Brown said she had sought spiritual guidance from religious leaders and other mediums, but while they can easily detect and identify the demon, they were not successful in casting it away.

"He will tell those that can speak to him to leave him because he has a job to do," she said.




Brown said that she was told by several persons that the sex demon became attached to her to be her 'husband'.

She also claims that the demon has also been violent and most of the attacks come whenever she tries to sleep or merely closes her eyes.

"A lady did tell me to use fire coal inna me panty so me did do that. Him love come for sex inna early morning and one morning me lay down a sleep and him come behind me come lay down. When him realise say him couldn't get no sex, a one tump him gi mi inna me neck back and wake me up," she said.

Brown said that she has been unable to maintain a steady relationship for years.

"I was married and my husband just left and we didn't have any problems at all. I went overseas on a vacation with my husband and that never worked out because the evil force was present every step of the way," he said.

Brown said that a family member saw the demon as well.

"My cousin and her husband had visited from overseas and I didn't tell any of them about weh mi a experience. Mi cousin husband just start get inna spirit and a rebuke him and the demon get bright and start ask the man him a who him?" she said.

Brown is pleading for assistance from anyone who could rid her of the evil spirit as she wishes to live a normal life again.

"I just want back my life. A lot of people may think this is a joke but it is not. I just want someone to help me," she said.


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