Father and son celebrate France's victory

July 16, 2018

It was hard to miss Dwayne Grant and his adorable son Dwayne Grant Jr at Football Fantasy, held on the grounds of the Hope Zoo on Sunday morning.

Clad in the dark blue of France, the father-son duo sported matching jerseys as they showed strong support for the team which ultimately walked away with the coveted World Cup title.

Dwayne Grant, pointing out that he is not a waggonist, said he has been supporting Team France since the days of midfielder Michel Platini. He said that although his son's mother and grandfather are avid Brazil supporters, Dwayne Grant Jr had to support France.

"Brazil is not a side," the senior Dwayne said with a smile on his face. "He had to support France and if it was a girl, she would be supporting France too. Any side daddy is on would be their side, my team trumps everybody else's in my house," he said.

France did not let the Grants down, as the boys in blue registered an impressive 4-2 victory against Croatia in an exciting final. The senior Dwayne, whose son celebrated his first birthday on Wednesday, July 11, said the birthday celebrations will no doubt take on a part two as he and his son celebrate their side's magnificent win.

"His first birthday last week and his first World Cup win this week. I couldn't have asked for anything else from my team," he said. "It was a good match. They were a bit shaky in the first half, but second half was better and they delivered and are going home with the trophy. And if Croatia had come out on top, I wouldn't feel any way because we were in the finals and a lot of top teams did not even make it pass the group stages, so second place wouldn't have been bad."

The senior Dwayne said he used to be an athlete. He told THE STAR that he represented the University of Technology at track and field events, and that his son is from good stock.

"His grandfather played football. He used to play for George's and Calabar, so athleticism is in his blood. It doesn't matter which one he chooses as long as he's active; but if he does turn out to have football skills, I will support him all the way," said Dwayne senior, pointing out that the latter meant his son possibly playing for the national side, too.

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