Sex videos ruin bartender's life

July 16, 2018

Taking note of various advertisements calling for women to work as webcam models, a woman, who learnt a painful lesson having done it, is urging other persons to stay away.

Kim Smith* said she lost her family and traded her dignity when she accepted an invitation to hustle online.

"Me did reluctant at first but when the man show me the website and me see how much some girl a make, and a nuh like dem a have sex, me decide to give it a try. He became my boss. He had about seven or eight other girls working for him, and he would take a per cent of what we made from our sexy videos," she said.

Smith, then a bartender, said her new boss told her that her videos would not be viewed by Jamaicans and she believed him. She quickly became a favourite and had garnered a lot of viewers on the website.

"Me lie and tell me husband say me get supervisor position and me had to hide and watch how me a spend. Whole heap a money, all US$700 inna one day. Me never did really a have sex but me used to make out with the other girls and put on a show for horny men and women," she said.




Smith said she was persuaded by her boss to have sex with him. The encounters were video recorded, and Smith was told they would never be released.

"It started off like regular sex but a few weeks after he became rough and would slap me around during the sessions, spit on me, and he wanted to penetrate me just wherever there was an open space on my body," she said.

The then 23-year-old said her world turned upside down when she decided to break ties with her boss.

"One morning, when me drop off me kids and a come back, me hear some bwoy a say s&%$t up and a look my way, but me a say a caah me. But before the day done, a video reach me phone where the man a give me anal sex raw, and that was just the start of what was about to come. It's like about 15 different videos did a guh round. I was the talk of my district, " she said.

Not only was her marriage broken but her kids were also affected by her 'secret life'.

"We know nutten nuh hold dung a Jamaica so pretty soon all me son fren dem have the video dem a show pon dem phone. Of course, mi husband see dem too and within days he was out of our house but not before him give me couple hard box. After that he had the roughest sex with me and leave saying that's how dogs should be treated," she said.

When her husband left with their children, she left her district in western Jamaica and relocated to Kingston. She had gone back to her job as a bartender. She has not seen members of her family since. Her $9,000 per week salary is nothing compared to what she once made, but Smith said she is satisfied and is picking up the pieces to her life.

She warns against cyber hustling, stating that the cash isn't worth one's dignity.

"Uno nuh badda dweet yaah man. Just nuh run down fast money. Yes, me make thousands of dollars but it no worth it. From me leave the community almost two years ago, me never go back because me shame like dawg," she said.


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