Church cast out demons in Old Harbour

July 20, 2018
Church members deliver a woman who turned up at the Holy Ground Deliverance Church of God on Wednesday for assistance.
Church members try to cast demons out of a woman.

Two months ago, Natalie was in good health, but one morning when she tried to exit her bed, her legs failed her. The Old Harbour resident said she was unable to move on her own, but the doctor said it was muscle spasms. However, her condition got worse and Natalie said she thought she would die. But her life was spared by a 'man of God'.

"Mi husband thought it was cancer cause it is like we a see all of those signs. Me go bout six different doctors and all a dem diagnose something different. Me have a neighbour who people always say love obeah, so me tell me husband to link her. But she tell me say she never go to a obeah man from she born and she invite me to her church," she said.

Reluctantly, Natalie visited the church, located at Sukara in Old Harbour, in search of help.

"When me go the church, me say to myself say what a way the pastor shape like a girl. Likkle after that me hear the pastor say me can't deliver yuh cause yuh just diss the man of God. Him then tell me to go home and rid my mind of all the people dem me have up in a my mind, and tell me say me have to choose God or obeah," she said.


Hallelujah three times


Natalie told the WEEKEND STAR that she was amazed at the clergyman's ability to read her mind and was driven to return days later. She said the pastor and members of his team prayed for her, doused her with water and gave her a bottle of olive oil to drink. According to Natalie, her legs began working and she was able to walk home.

"He told me if I wanted to know who was working on me, I should go home and shout hallelujah three times. I did, and afterwards the person revealed herself to me," she said.

When the news team accompanied Natalie to fasting at the Holy Ground Deliverance Church of God on Wednesday, a woman dressed in bandanna was busy praying and dressing a man's sore foot.

Another female was seen leading the praise and worship session. This was followed by prayer from the pastor. During the proceeding, a woman was seated at the front, stood with outstretched arms speaking in unknown language. Her mumblings were eventually cut short by the woman in bandanna, who tied a red cloth around her waist before delivering a few blows to her stomach area.

"What is your name because this is not the same sister Mary* that usually comes here. Who are you?" the woman asked.

After ingesting several bottles of consecrated olive oil water, the woman, in a rather strange tone, gave her name as Bethel. The pastor and his team continued to rebuke the 'demon' as the affected woman jolts her body as if she wanted to vomit.

"Me tell yuh say dem people here a real god people, enuh. A nuff demon me see dem cast out in here. No obeah no inna dis because a just prayer work right here so," Natalie said.

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