We do this for our kids - Trelawny men overcoming obstacles in Coronation Market

July 21, 2018
Dudley Clarke (right) speaks about the difficulties he has faced as a vendor, while Kevin Ranking looks on.
Dudley Clarke (right) and Kevin Ranking say they have been selling at the Coronation Market for more than 10 years.

Despite being held up and robbed by gunmen four times, the love Dudley Clarke and Kevin Ranking have for higglering hasn't changed.

The Trelawny duo, who are both in their mid-20s, have been travelling to the Coronation Market in Kingston with their grandparents to sell since they were 10 years old.

"We plant the food and come a market on Thursdays, and depending on how we sell, me may go home or just spend the time until we sell off. But right now tings really slow," Clarke said.

Seeking refuge from the sweltering sun under a tarpaulin, Ranking's jovial and mischievous ranting is enough to attract buyers to his heaps of yam, banana and pumpkin. Although most of them were eye shoppers, Clarke said they are growing accustomed to such days.

"Farming is just our ting. We like fi know say we a make people eat food inna Jamaica. Despite all of what we go through, we nah go give up same way. Market rough in recent times, but a so every hustling go. Sometimes we eat nuff food, and next time a gravy," he said.

Slow days aren't the only obstacles the men have encountered during their weekly trips to the market.

"A four time gunman jook we and take we tings. We lose close to $80,000 just like that, but we have we family, so we just use dem setback ya as stepping stone and glad dem spare we life and continue do what we a do," Ranking said.

He added that while the trade comes with its fair share of set-backs, they are looking towards the bigger picture.

"We just a do this for we kids. Me nuh want none a my youth dem struggle like me. So, while it no must pay off fi we, our children will benefit," he said.

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