Hard-working brothers want help to fix home

July 23, 2018
Junior Grant says he is in need of help.
Junior Grant says he needs help to fix his home.
David Grant sells charcoal for a living.

Despite their genetic disorders, David, Joseph and Junior Grant are considered three of the most hard-working brothers in Planters Hall district, St Catherine. According to their mother and some community members, the men spend their days planting ground provisions and selling charcoal.

"Dem eva a work enuh. Dem work harder than nuff people who have all a dem senses intact," one of their neighbours said.

Upon seeing the news team, David couldn't help but smile while he was chatting with friends at a nearby shop. His older brother, Joseph, was out in the bushes preparing bags of coal, while Junior was busy cleaning his one-room home nearby.

The more outspoken of bunch, Junior told THE STAR that he would appreciate any assistance he could get.

"Me nuh like beg, but me would glad if me could get a likkle help and fix up me house, miss. When the sun shine it OK, but when rain a fall me get wet. Me and me bredda dem love work and make coal," he said.

Their mother, Langina Wright, said she isn't certain what caused her sons' condition, but said that they are the life of any party.

"Me don't know what mi or mi husband did a do wrong, but three a them nuh come normal like the rest a my 10 children, but dem a some good sons," she said.

Wright stated that there are not many opportunities for them in her rural district except farming, adding that things are really rough during the drought season.

"Dem can't read at all and dem can't get a good job, so me would really want someone help them build even a small house and help them with some food. Even fi advertise dem coal business fi dem. It rough for regular people, so can you imagine them," she said.

Persons who would like to assist the Grant brothers may contact them at 876-513-9066.

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