Hanover residents launch manhunt for alleged killer

July 31, 2018

Irate residents of Pond Side and Cascade in Hanover were again combing through bushes in the two communities yesterday in search of a man who they said beheaded his friend and then mutilated his body in a bizarre incident on Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as 22-year-old Keniel Hall, an unemployed resident of Rejoin, a community close to Pond Side and Cascade.

The alleged killer is 30-year-old Keron 'Timber' Watson.

According to reports, on Saturday morning, Hall left his home in Rejoin to visit Watson, who had been his friend for several years.

It is believed that he arrived in Cascade shortly before noon and was reportedly attacked with a machete and his head severed.

It is said that after killing Hall, Watson used a knife to inflict more gruesome damage.

"It was an ugly sight ... the head was chopped right off, the tongue cut out, the eyes dig out and de head split and de brain tek out," a resident told the Western Star. "It was a wicked act."

Upon realising what had happened, residents alerted the police and began searching for Watson. When the police arrived at the location, Hall's body was seen under a tree.

His head was a short distance away. Other than the missing tongue, eyes, and brain, a piece of the skin on Hall's face had been peeled away.

According to the residents, Watson's girlfriend walked out on him recently, and since then, he has been behaving in an odd manner, leading them to believe that he was losing his mind.

"Him just gone crazy because of him problems," a resident told the WESTERN STAR. "We have to find him because we nuh want him kill nobody else."

The residents spent all of Sunday searching for Watson, who they claimed fled into bushes in the community after the killing.

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