Mom arranges benefit concert to help her sick son

August 02, 2018
Contributed Ta'Juan Powell and twin sister Taraji.

The Albert Town High School's auditorium was transformed into a "sea of praise" last Saturday.

The Acts 20 Ministries (A2M) hosted their very first benefit concert, Shabach Praise 2018.

Friends, families and wellwishers came out to give their support, which saw a number of performances, including Crystal Chambers, a 2018 JCDC Gospel Festival finalist.

With the aim to assist children with various illnesses, two-year-old Ta'Juan Powell was the first beneficiary.

Founder of A2M and mother of Ta'Juan, Tiajuana Reid-Powell, stated that as a little girl growing up in Ulster Spring, Trelawny, she always received things from people and thought that it would be good to give back.

"And as a result, I remembered the verse from Acts 20 verse 35, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive', which serves as the tagline for the group," she said.

While Reid-Powell was giving Ta'Juan a bath in 2016, she noticed a bulge in the scrotum. After that, he was taken to the doctor and was referred to the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Ta'Juan was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia in the groin (a hernia in the groin) and a hydrocele (swelling in one of his testicles).

After hearing that her son had to undergo surgery Reid-Powell said, "I was completely shocked as I wasn't aware of the condition, so I panicked at the thought of my nine-month-old baby boy undergoing a procedure that I had little to no knowledge of."


Ta'Juan experiences pain from time to time due to his condition. He sometimes froths, spits a lot, holds his belly, gets weak, and if the pain is really severe, he falls.

"When he does have the pain though you really know, because the countenance on his face changes. He's unable to do things, he's unable to walk, I have to lift him; there are times when he defecates and it's hard for him," said Reid-Powell.

She also added that "it is both emotionally and physically painful for me, as I can't relieve him of the pain he feels. The cut I received at delivery becomes aggravated and I have severe pain with debilitating itching; and the fact that I have his twin sister with little help, it is really hard for me."

Even though their target of $400,000 was not met, Reid-Powell said "we are still determined to do our best and to generate funds in whatever way possible".

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