RAPE RUMOUR RUINED MY LIFE - Man leaves community after being wrongfully accused

August 02, 2018

About 15 years ago, a Clarendon man, Delroy, found himself in a predicament that he said he would not wish on his worst enemy.

He said that the people in the area were dragging his name through the mud, destroying his life in his hometown.

"Dem did have it fi seh me a walk round and a rape people gyal pickney, and that was not true," he said.

The accusations piled up against him, and it wasn't long before he was in jail.

"To how the people dem have mi name all over the place, police come for me and fling mi inna jail," he said.

And although he was in jail, Delroy's name was still being called on other incidents that were taking place at the time with one woman even going to the police station to report that he raped her even though he was behind bars.

"One day mi inna prison and a police come call me. When mi go up a the front part a di station, me hear him a ask a woman if she know me. Me never know a wah a gwaan, but then me hear when him seh mi name, and the woman a look at me like when duppy bax smaddy and dem get dumb," said Delroy, who has 10 children.

Delroy's cousin, who didn't want to be named, said that he spent three weeks in jail because people were accusing him wrongfully.

Based on the conflicting information, Delroy said that the police eventually realised that he was being accused of things he did not do.


"Mi learn everything when mi inna court the day because while I was there, there were two occasions when woman come and seh that me rape them. In one instance, mi hear how mi oil up mi body and go inna house for woman and her man almost catch mi, but di oil pan mi skin mek mi slip weh. Dem deh time deh, mi inna jail," he said.

A few months after the accusations, Delroy decided to leave the community where he was being stigmatised for something he didn't do.

"Weh mi go through nuh easy because words powerful and it destroy people, so mi just cut out and try start me life inna a different place," he said.

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