Residents block Cockburn Gardens road to protest 'Breezy' killing

August 03, 2018
Ian Allen/Photographer Burning debris along Mahoe Drive in Cockburn Gardens, St Andrew. The residents blocked the road to protest the shooting of a member of the community.

A day after the death of Omar Mahoney, otherwise known as 'Breezy,' residents of York Street in St Andrew, on Friday, showed their frustration by setting tree branches and other items ablaze along Hagley Park Road.

Mahoney was shot and killed by the police in an incident which Senior Superintendent of Police Gary Francis said was a shoot-out.

The police had to be called in to remove the debris, which was used to block the roads.

One resident told The STAR that 17 persons have died in the community since December last year. They alleged that the police have been antagonising them for months, and claim that the lawmen are responsible for some of the deaths.

“The police dem come and run off the likkle people dem off the road and come back in before morning and kick-off the people dem gate that is locked, and a jump over the people dem fence a wake people outa dem bed and a kill dem,” an agitated protester said.

He said that the manner in which Mahoney died deviates from what the police are reporting.

“The police dem come and kick-off my sister gate, go inna har yard, wake the people dem out a dem bed and kill the man inna dem yard,” he said, “A so dem kill my friend, Breezy.”

However, according to SSP Francis,  a shoot-out ensued between the deceased and the police.

"Yesterday [Thursday] morning, gunmen engaged the police and during the encounter, one man was shot and subsequently died,” he said.

However, residents are adamant that Mahoney was targeted by the police.

“Yuh know wah hurt me? Dem draw the man out a him bed and kill him and a talk bout shoot-out. Is a rusty gun dem seh dem find. Which bad man a go a dem bed wid gun? Badman nah go bed wid gun. It nuh fair fi yuh tek the man picture three days ago and come kill him days later. A target yuh tek him fah and a fool unuh tek wi fah,” one female resident said.

The incident is being investigated by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).



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