Boy continues to shine academically despite obstacles

August 07, 2018
In a 2016 file photo, Dean Farquharson, a top GSAT student from St Thomas, stands with his mother, Mavis Campbell, who sells on the streets of downtown Kingston.

Although he and his family are burdened financially, 13-year-old Dean Farquharson continues to excel academically.

The teenager, who hails from White Horses in St Thomas, will embark on his third year at Ardenne High School this September, but his mother, Mavis Campbell, is finding it difficult to even find the $18,000 school fee.

"School fee is $18,000, and there are other added fees but right now, it rough pon me bad. Is 11 children mi have, and four a dem a go school, but it really hard. Me really waan see Dean excel because him try really hard, so me waan see him reach somewhere in life," she said.

A past student of Trinityville Primary School, the youngster shone brightly in the 2016 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), averaging in the high 90s, to attend Ardenne High in St Andrew.

Throughout his tenure at the Trinityville Primary School, Farquharson remained the top student in all his classes, and on graduation day, his tiny hands could hardly hold all the trophies and awards he collected.

Among his awards were Top Science Student, Top Language Arts Student, Top Mathematics Student, Most Outstanding Student, Overall Top Achiever, and Most Outstanding Boy GSAT student for the school.

In an earlier interview with THE STAR, Campbell, a ground provision vendor was uncertain how she would afford to send him to the institution.

Things took a positive turn for Dean when he was invited to stay with a woman in Kingston who assisted with his schooling, but that arrangement was temporary.

"Di lady that he was staying with gone a farrin, so he is living with me once again. From time to time, people call me and help me, but it rough bad. Me do me likkle selling, but because anuh him alone me would really appreciate whatever help me can get," she said.

Anyone wishing to assist Dean may contact his mother at 1876-846-7801. Persons can also contribute to Dean's Jamaica National Bank account: 2094258707

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