Patrons enjoy the sweet taste of Emancipation

August 07, 2018
Coconut drops were a tasty snack at the Emancipation Jubilee.
Roasted sweet potatoes.
Naturally, the national dish of ackee and saltfish had to be on the menu.

As many jerked their chicken and roasted their sweet potatoes at the Seville Emancipation Jubilee held in St Ann last Tuesday, AndrÈ Hall decided to bring some good old coconut drops that he made at home to the event.

Last Tuesday, he showcased his home-made product to the team and said that he was very happy to be serving people something that is authentic to Jamaica.

"People are gravitating towards coconut drops. There is something about the good old coconut that they love," he said.

Allowing THE STAR to steal him away from his customers for a few minutes, Hall said that it was not his first time at the event. However, it was the first he had been doing something of his own.

He said that the $60 he charged for the drops did not deter people from coming to buy.

"I was here with someone else last year, but this time around, I came and I'm doing my own thing, and I love it because people are buying from me," he said.

Learning the craft from his grandmother, Hall said that he is sharing the knowledge with others because it is good to know how to make the sweet treat.

He said that the process is not lengthy, and he creates masterpieces when he is done.

"First, whenever we get the coconut, I husk them and cut then up in fine cubes and put it in some water to boil so that the coconut can cook. Whenever it cook, I add sugar. Every time it boil down, I add sugar and ginger until it gets sticky and brown," he said. "I use banana leaves and scorch it over the pot and put it in a table. Then, I use a spoon and drop it on it, and in two to three minutes' time, it will be hard and them it ready."

Not sure why he uses a banana leaf, he said that it is a tradition that he grew up seeing from and had no reason to deviate.

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