Young mother wants help to send son to school

August 09, 2018
Rohan Thompson shows off his grades.
Twelve-year-old Roman Thompson and his mother, Cornelia Forrester.

The fact that she is not as educated as she would like is not stopping Cornelia Forrester from wanting the best for her children.

The 35-year-old told THE STAR that she has six children, and she tries her best to send them to school even though she is not in a stable job.

She said that her third child, Roman Thompson, has so much potential, like all her other kids, and she doesn't want her lack of financial stability to hinder his progress.

"His package is $5,000 and school fee is $17,000. When I went to the school, they told me that I need to pay the package fee in order to get anything," she said.

A former student of Central Branch All-Age, 12-year-old Roman Thompson, who passed the Grade Six Achievement Test to attend Kingston Technical High School, said that he has dreams of becoming a lawyer. Having received GSAT grades that were mostly in the 80s, Thompson said that he is pleased with the school he will be attending in September.

Forrester explained that her greatest desire is to give her son an education so that he can pursue his dream, and she is appealing to the public for help to get him in school.

"Mi not that educated, but mi push me kids them to get education. Mi have six a them, but it harder for him because him just a start school, so me need to find all that money. It only a go get harder because him two older siblings a go inna grade nine and 10 this school year," she told THE STAR.

"Mi do likkle washing and cleaning from time to time, but me always keep trying because me want them to be something. I would just like to get some help at least to get him started."

As a single parent, she said that in order for her children not to be in the same position as her, she takes their schooling very serious and gets helps where necessary.

"So if me nah understand them homework, mi ask somebody that I trust to help them with it. Mi tell them not to tell them the answer but to teach them what to do so they can do it and learn," she said.

Anyone who would like to help Roman Thompson get a start at his dream may call his mother at 876-839-0701.

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