Residents fix Llandewey bridge themelves

August 10, 2018
Residents yesterday decided to repair the Llandewey Bridge by themselves.
This massive hole in a bridge in Llandewey, St Thomas, is a major cause for concern for members of the community.

Disappointed that the National Works Agency (NWA) has been taking them for granted by failing to fix their defective bridge, some residents of Llandewey, St Thomas, yesterday took matters into their own hands and did the repairs themselves.

The residents used sand, pieces of metals, cement and stones to plug a massive hole in the bridge, which the NWA said is unsafe.

Residents said that they were forced to act as the massive hole in a bride along the main road was getting bigger by the day, and that several vehicles have been falling into it.

"It is a shame that it is the people who have to do this," one resident said.

Last month, the NWA said an inspection of the Llandewey Bridge, which links the communities of Llandewey, Ramble and Cedar Valley in St Thomas, found that a section of the concrete deck is defective.

At the time, the NWA said it would temporarily repair the bridge's damaged deck with a metal deck, noting that the work is being treated as an emergency.

The NWA has, however, shelved plans to effect temporary repairs to the bridge. The agency has also failed to create an alternative route for vehicles to use.

Ramona Lawson, acting manager of communications and customer service at the NWA, said that the project is being treated as a priority by the NWA, even though a design for the new structure is yet to be completed and a contractor identified.

However, it appears that the NWA is yet to identify funds for the new bridge. Lawson said "preliminary works (including finalising a suitable design) are being done, in keeping with project, requirement and established processes. As with all our projects the implementation of the works is subject to the availability of funding."

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