Death threats forced gun owner to leave island

August 11, 2018
Robert Montague

The man who was granted a firearm licence after appealing to then National Security Minister Robert Montague has left the island.

According to Montague, now the Transport Minister, the man "voluntarily relocated' for safety reasons, and, as such, got his licence revoked.

"Threats were made against the man's life," Montague said at a press conference held at his Maxfield Avenue office yesterday, a day after it was reported that he granted licence to a former scammer.

During the briefing, Montague described the man as a national security asset, saying he provided information that resulted in the firing and arrest of Firearm Licensing Authority employees.

"The information provided by him unearthed scandalous issues which were associated with the entity," Montague said.

He said that even though the man was charged with lottery scamming, the matter was thrown out because there was no evidence.

When asked why he did not recuse himself from the decision-making process, Montague said that it would be impossible because the law outlines that he has to take part in the appeal process.

He also said that this is one of the reasons why the Firearms Act is being redrafted.

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