Jericho honours its elders

August 14, 2018
Bryan Miller photo Datilda Ferguson,83, shows off her moves, during the musical interlude while at the Jericho reunion luncheon for senior citizens which was held at the Tryall Hotel Beach Cafe on Sunday August 5.

Some 40 senior citizens, ranging from ages 60 to 98 years old from the district of Jericho in Hanover were given the royal treatment at the Tryall Hotel on Sunday, August 5.

The Jericho Senior Citizens Dinner forms part of the ninth biennial renewal of the District of Jericho reunion, which involves a weekend of activities in the rural eastern Hanover district.

The event was held under the theme, "You Rock Our World" to recognise the senior residents for their contributions to the building of the community. It was a collaborative effort among the Tryall Hotel, the Jericho Reunion Planning Committee, and Jerichonians from within the diaspora.

"We need some more of this in Jamaica," guest speaker Anthony Walker said.

"I sincerely hope that more communities from across Jamaica will take a leaf out of the Jericho community book and organise recognition events like this," he added.

Walker charged the honorees to continue to impart their knowledge to the present-day generation.

"This generation of youngsters needs your help. They cannot make it without you. They need your guidance. They are lost," he emphasised.

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