Woman forgives dad who raped her - Says she endured six years of abuse

August 15, 2018

Mary Jane* says she has forgiven a man who began abusing her when she was just eight years old. Believe it or not, this man is her father!

"When I was growing up, my dad and I were close. I would often sleep beside him in bed. One night, I was sleeping beside him, my mom was not home, and I felt him touch me. I have never experienced that before. He told me to be calm and it was nothing to worry about. As my father, I believed that he would not hurt me so I did nothing," she said.

Mary said that at first her father would only use his finger while molesting her, but as she grew older he wanted to do more.

"For a while a just finger, but when mi turn 10 him penetrate me. It was so painful. I cried for weeks. I was so afraid to tell anyone, and the worst part is when he penetrated me and I was bleeding, he would hurry and clean me up and tell me not to say anything to anyone about it," she said.

After such a painful encounter, Mary said that she could not walk, and she locked herself in her room for days, causing her mother to wonder why she was moody.

"I was so angry at her. What mother would see her child withdrawn from society and not be concerned? I did not go out to play or anything. I spent the entire summer in my room," she said.




Despite seeming concerned, Mary said that her mother did nothing when she told her what her father had done.

"As a child I didn't understand anything, so I told my mom what happened when she came home the next day. She beat me when I told her. I really didn't understand why. She was saying that I should not lie like that on daddy because what I was saying was a bad thing and I should not go around talking like that," she said, noting that the abuse only took place when her mother was away.

The abuse continued until she was 14, when her mother and father separated. But even then, she said that she told no one what happened.

Several years later, after going through sleepless nights, crying, and headaches, Mary decided to confront her father about what he did.

"It was not easy going through six years of sexual abuse by your father. I had so much anger in me, and I decided that enough is enough and I called him so that we could speak," she said.

Mary, who was 23 years old at the time, said she felt so relieved after talking to her father. She said that many people would not understand why she forgave him or why she would talk to him.

"My father told me some things that I wasn't old enough to understand and I sympathise with him. Maybe, people will not understand, but I forgave him for me. We are not close like before, but we speak. After all, he is my father. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and when I forgave him, I could move on with my life," she said.


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