Mom seeks school for expelled son

August 20, 2018

With two weeks to go before the reopening of schools, a Corporate Area mother is worried about getting her son into a new school.

Donna Graham said her 13-year-old son was expelled from a private school in the Corporate Area in May after he was accused of mugging a student.

Graham said that her son denied being involved in the incident, arguing that the school acted out of malice when they decided to expel him.

"Dem never have no meeting wid me or nothing. Mi just get a letter to say that he was involved in an altercation at the school, and they are expelling him," Graham said.

A letter from the school to Graham, a copy of which was obtained by THE STAR, indicates that the boy was expelled because he was involved in the beating of another student. The alleged incident was videotaped and posted on social media.

"Him bawl to me and tell mi seh a nuh him do it. Me believe him because anything him do a school, him tell me. Him did fight a school one time, and him come home and tell me," the mother said.




Graham said that she is trying really hard to get her son accepted in a Kingston-based high school, but she feels that his expulsion from the private institution is going to have an impact on him being accepted.

Under Jamaica's education code, a student who has been permanently excluded for disciplinary reasons from a public educational institution may be admitted to another public educational institution if a confidential report of the circumstances surrounding the exclusion is given to the principal of that other institution.

Graham said that she had requested such a report.

"I had asked for some recommendations to get him back in a school, so I am waiting to see if I will get it. I have also requested that he gets back his scholarship to attend school," Graham said.

Attempts to contact the school proved futile.

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