Fun and games at Basil Waite competition

August 21, 2018
Not everyone was excited to play with the reptiles, and this little girl certainly wasn't.
The patrons were having fun with the reptiles.
Basil Waite (left) poses with a group of footballers.
Basil Waite (plaid shirt) was a happy man during the event.
This youngster was all smiles with this massive snake around her neck.
Many persons turned up in Santa Cruz for the Basil Waite Football Under Lights competition on Sunday.
Adults and kids were excited to touch the reptiles that were brought to the event by Jamaica Zoo.
This woman was in form as she showed off her skills.


Brighton and Hot Dog will contest next Sunday's final of the inaugural Basil Waite Football Under Lights competition in Santa Cruz.

They will compete for the Basil Waite trophy and $100,000.

Sunday's semi-finals saw Brighton beating Foster Park 2-0, and Hot Dog turning back the high-riding Basement 4-0.

Hundreds of persons men, women and children turned up at St Elizabeth Technical High School for Sunday's round of games and entertainment. In addition to the matches, GENESIS Sound System kept persons dancing, while Jamaica Zoo provided entertainment for the whole family.

And next Sunday promises to be even better. There will also be a netball rally and kiddies treat in the afternoon.

Followed by the third place match, there will be a Munro vs STETHS masters game. This will feature the likes of Basil Waite, Dr Dwaine Spencer, Yushaine Morgan, Rambo Wedderburn, and STETHS' principal Keith Wellington.

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