A very painful life - Woman needs help to pay for dialysis treatment

August 21, 2018
Sherefa Blake cries as she speaks about her struggles.
Sherefa Blake wants help to pay for dialysis treatment.

Almost two years ago, Sherefa Blake was living a life free of illness, but now her kidneys have failed, her blood pressure is high, and she is no longer able to manage simple day-to-day activities.

The 33-year-old woman told THE STAR that she worked at various restaurants throughout her life and was able to save money and live a good life.

However, these days, she is tired most of the time.

Having lost most of her savings in doctor visits and paying for her dialysis treatment, Blake said that she has no family to help her.

"All of mi savings gone to mi sickness. Mi nuh have no one to help me because my mom is sick, too, and my only brother is not in a position to help me," she said.

Blake, who does not have any children, said that there are days that she goes to bed hungry because she does not have anything to eat.

"It's really frustrating. A pure water me haffi a drink because mi nuh have no food. The other day me get some food, and me haffi keep it till the other afternoon because me know mi wouldn't have anything else to eat. And when me eat it, me vomit after because it did sour. But I had to eat it because I needed to take my pressure pill, and I didn't have anything to eat," she said as tears rolled down her face.

According to Blake, she would not wish her life on her enemy. She said that the worst part of her days is getting the dialysis treatment, which she should have twice per week, but she can only afford to do it once per week.




On days when she needs to get her dialysis done, she said that she has to beg neighbours and other persons who are willing to give a helping hand.

"Mi really want go up a UWI (University Hospital of the West Indies), but dem seh dem don't have any space. A $9,300 fi do the dialysis, and mi can't afford it because mi can't even work now. My life mash up because of this," she said, crying.

For Blake, her main concern is being able to pay for her dialysis.

"My main focus is my dialysis treatment because mi just want to get back on my feet. This is not an easy life. This is a very painful life, and I just want things to go back to normal," she said.

Persons who wish to help Blake with her dialysis treatment may contact her at


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