Mom's cry for help answered

August 23, 2018
Rohan Thompson shows off his grades.
Claudette Christie, (right) Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League's (JCCUL) communication and advocacy manager, in discussion with12-year-old Rohan Thompson and mother Cornelia Forrester after he was presented with a five-year scholarship at the Credit Union of Jamaica GSAT bursary awards ceremony at the JCCUL head offices in Kingston last Friday.

Cornelia Forrester's cry for assistance for her son, Rohan Thompson, was answered last week by the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL).

Forrester first pleaded for assistance to school her son in a STAR story carried on August 9.

Those pleas did not fall on deaf ears as in a ceremony that was held last Friday, the JCCUL helped students from the inner city with back-to-school expenses.

They also made promises to assist Thompson for up to five years if he keeps his grades up, attends school 90 per cent of the time, and displays good behaviour.

Speaking with THE STAR, Forester said that she is very happy that the organisation came through for her because she was facing a real challenge.

Although grateful, Forrester is still in need.

"A nuh only him me did want help for. Mi did want help for my other children or even get a job so I can help them myself," she said.

Rohan is the third of Forrester's six children. A former student of Central Branch All-Age, Rohan is to start Kingston Technical High next month.

He said he has ambitions of becoming a lawyer.

Forrester lamented that since her first cry for help earlier this month, she has been getting mixed reactions from the public.

"Some people call me and diss me. Some call and a ask for sex, but the JCCUL stepped up and helped me, and I am just grateful for their help. I just want to tell everyone that is helping me thank you, and I appreciate it very much," she said.

Ten other students who will be entering high school for the first time this year also received back-to-school assistance in the form of $25,000 each.

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