Wanted man held after following friend to court

August 23, 2018

A man for whom an arrest warrant was issued was taken into custody on Tuesday while accompanying his friend to court.

The name of the man was not immediately released as he is to be questioned by the police.

He was arrested and removed, while sitting in the waiting area of the Santa Cruz Parish Court

According to reports, a warrant for his arrest was prepared after pictures circulated on social media of him posing at a bar in a St Elizabeth community with a firearm in his waistband.

It was also reported that based on investigations, he is not a holder of a firearm licence or permit.

Further reports surfaced that on several occasions since October 2017, the man made several court appearances for his friend's legal matters.

He was held on Tuesday as he waited for his friend's case to be mentioned.

He is scheduled to be questioned, following which charges of illegal possession of firearm are expected to be laid.

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