Bartender fined for breaching state of emergency law

August 28, 2018
Binge drinkers have a nearly 40 per cent higher stroke risk compared to those who never binge drink.

A female bartender who failed to adhere to the conditions of the ongoing state of public emergency in St James, found herself J$5,000 poorer after she was fined in the St James Parish Court last Wednesday.

Melissa Shaw pleaded guilty to breaching the Emergency Powers Act, when she appeared before Parish judge Kacia Grant.

The date of Shaw's arrest was not disclosed, but the court was told that she was operating a bar past the closing time established under the act at the time she was taken into custody.

Under the current state of emergency, spirit licensed premises such as bars are to be closed by 9 p.m., while clubs and fast-food outlets are to be closed at midnight.

"What is it that you were doing?" Grant asked Shaw, after the circumstances of the matter were outlined.

"I was serving as a bartender," Shaw answered.

"So you didn't know about the state of emergency?" Grant asked next, although this question got no response.

Shaw was subsequently ordered to pay the fine or spend 10 days in prison.

Just three months earlier, another business operator, Calijah Morgan, had to pay a J$50,000 fine in the St James Parish Court for keeping his establishment open after the stipulated closing time.

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