Bag of faeces found at ATM

August 29, 2018
Hopeton Bucknor photo Two customers seemingly contemplating whether or not to use the ATM machine in which faeces was dumped.

Western Bureau:

Several Bank of Nova Scotia customers in Montego Bay got a smelly start to their day yesterday morning when they tried to use an Automated Teller Machines (ATM), only to discover that someone had used the money dispensing machine as a toilet.

According to reports, several customers who had lined up outside the Scotiabank ATM machine, located on lower Barnett Street, realised that the stench that greeted them at the location was getting stronger as they got closer to the machine.

"A man, who decide to see what was causing the stench, pushed open the door and had to beat a hasty retreat as the scent was overpowering," said a customer, who was waiting in the line. "He told us that he saw a black bag in there, and he said he believe faeces was in it based on the smell."

With the early morning excitement attracting much attention, a male sanitation worker, who was drawn to the location by the growing crowd, removed the bag, which was partially filled with faeces.

"All when the bag was taken out, the scent of the faeces was still so strong that nobody wanted to go in there," said the customer.




When informed of the situation, Hope McMillan-Canaan, Scotiabank's public and corporate affairs manager, described the situation as most unfortunate, and apologised to the customers who were affected.

"We want to give all our customers the assurance that their safety and security is a top priority at Scotiabank, and we take this responsibility very seriously," said McMillan-Canaan.

When contacted, a senior officer at the Barnett Street Police Station, which is just a few chains away from the compromised ATM, said that there is very little they can do about the situation.

"Since we did not catch anybody, there is very little we can do," the officer said. "However, if we should catch somebody doing it, they will be arrested and charged under the law that governs that sort of behaviour."

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