We are not rapists and killers - Residents of Zimbabwe feel victimised

August 29, 2018
These little girls play along 10th Street, more popularly known as 'Zimbabwe', in Arnett Gardens yesterday. Residents say they are not to be blamed for the murder of Yetanya Francis from neighbouring 12th Street.
Police patrol 12th Street in Arnett Gardens yesterday.

Eleventh and 12th Street in Arnett Gardens were a picture of desolation yesterday.

The only sign of life on the grim avenues was the Western Kingston Police unit that crawled through the community, a community still mourning the vicious killing of 14-year-old Yetanya 'Princess' Francis.

However, over by 10th Street, more commonly known as 'Zimbabwe', residents were out but were very watchful.

In addition to safeguarding the reputation of their street, the residents are somewhat fearful of being attacked after hearing rumours that they are being blamed for the teenager's demise.

"We no rape people and we no extort and kill people. We are no rapists or women killer. When dem find the likkle girl body a first me see so much bad man bawl. We would never ever do a ting like that", a male resident said.

The man, who asked not to be named, said Zimbabwe is constantly being wrongly blamed for criminal activities.

"If a woman get rob a Cross Roads, you hear say a Zimbabwe man do it, we name easy fi call bad. We cut up bad bout the likkle girl who dead bad. Now we a hear bar talk a make say dem a go run in pon we and bare threats a send. We nuh do nothing wrong. Di only time we go on that street a when me a catch water cuz no water no deh over ya," he said.

Yetanya's death came approximately a year after 17-year-old Meadowbrook High School student Micholle Moulton was shot and killed in Zimbabwe.

Shortly after the incident, the residents rebuffed reports that she was killed by someone in the community with whom she refused to have sexual relations.

"Zimbabwe have one a the best don and him get the position because him love people. Dem man deh rather tell a man to leave the scheme before him make him beating or gunshot. Him have the qualities that don is not known for and that is the quality of love. No raping or killing to we ting," another man claimed.




Residents are imploring the police to fully investigate Francis' murder and bring her killers to justice. They also believe persons are saying way less than they know.

"Somebody see something and people know a who kill the girl because you can't even screechy in a girl and you real woman nuh know. Somebody a go see and tell her. So how dem a act like dem no see nothing now?" another resident said.

Yetanya's partially burnt body was found last Friday morning after she went missing last Thursday night.

Yetanya had left home to purchase food at a nearby cookshop and did not return. The operator of the cookshop told THE STAR that Yetanya was a quiet and well mannered child who was always in the company of her smaller siblings.

"She was a really quiet girl. Me no normally see her inna crowd still. A just always she and her likkle bredda dem come buy food but that night me never see her cuz me lock early. It look like when she come and me lock she go buy the food somewhere else," she said.

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