Little Dunn's River big on enjoyment

August 31, 2018
Persons enjoying the falls at Little Dunn's River.
Patrons enjoying a boat ride.
Kerry-Ann (right) and her family enjoying the water.
This group enjoys a ball game in the water.
Marlon, the cotton candy vendor at Little Dunn's River serves up sweet treats.

Located opposite Mystic Mountain and just a few hundred metres east of the world-renowned Dunn's River Falls, Little Dunn's River has long been a favourite chill spot for many Jamaicans.

The chill spot obviously gets its name from the iconic tourist attraction close by, but it remains free to the public and is used by Jamaicans from all across the island.

Kerry-Ann, who journeyed from St Mary with her family, was making her second trip to the spot when THE WEEKEND STAR visited recently.

"I'm here because the beach is free, and I just want to chill out with my family," she said. "I was thinking of going elsewhere, but when I think of the money, I changed my mind and came here. Just want to relax with my family."

At Little Dunn's River, people enjoy themselves in many ways - climbing the falls, taking a boat ride, playing a ball game in the water, or even cooking.

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