Business owner annoyed with tardy workmen

September 03, 2018
Motorists making their way along Constant Spring Road in August.

Several gates for businesses along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew are being reconstructed to facilitate the widening of the road. The business owners in the area have no problem with the work being done, but one woman said that she is not pleased with the tardiness of those employed to do it.

The business owner, Jane*, told THE STAR that her business is being affected by the slowness of the workmen who should be reconstructing her gate.

"From dem lick down the original gate, they have been slacking. It is like they laying two layers each week and them leave it alone," the owner said.

Jane further stated that the men are loitering on her property and making business hard for her to do. She said that when they do any work, they are very sloppy.

"My driveway is here for my clients to come and park. When they are mixing the cement and thing, they leave everything out. They will take up two parking spaces, because they just have everything everywhere," she said.




In addition to that, she said that the workers are generally ill-mannered when she speaks to them about their behaviour.

"I go out there and talk to them, but I don't know where these men are from. Dem smoke and cuss dem bad word and carry on, and that is not conducive to my work environment. They are not even supposed to be on my property. They should be working on my gate and that's that," she said.

Not sure of whom to speak with, Jane said that she is hoping the men will finish the work as soon as possible so that business can return to normal.

*Name changed


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