Mom wants to make daughter's dream a reality

September 04, 2018
Dejanique Bryan shows off her gymnastic moves.
Dejanique Bryan wants to compete at the Olympics one day.
Hermine Smith and her daughter, Dejanique Bryan.

Eleven-year-old Dejanique Bryan is taking the gymnastics world by storm after winning a medal and a trophy in her first two competitions earlier this year.

Her mother, Hermine Smith, said that she is super excited about her daughter's achievement because it was not easy. In February and May, the enthusiastic Bryan received accolades for performing her best moves in front of a panel of judges.

"I was so proud of her because I know that she can do it. I know that she can be great," she said.

The mother of three said that she took notice of her daughter's potential very early and is trying her best to ensure that she gets all the opportunities she can.

Smith, who operates a small shop in her community, said that she is seeking sponsorship for her daughter to make her dreams come true. She said that persons have helped her before, but that assistance has only scratched the surface.




"People have helped me before, and I am very grateful and happy that they are helping me with her. But I would like someone, a company maybe, to sponsor her please," she said.

Smith said that her daughter has been training at Nishida's Gymnastics on Washington Boulevard in St Andrew. Training costs $26,000 per term. She said that it is very expensive, but she is willing to do anything for her daughter to have the best chance at achieving her goal.

"Right now, she needs to start training on Wednesday, and I don't have it. But I have to try and find it because I want her to get every chance possible," she said.

Young Bryan, who is in grade six at the Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School, said that she loves gymnastics and wishes to compete in the Olympics one day.

"I love to do it, and I always watch it on TV when they do it. I even sit and watch YouTube videos. I Google photos and do the moves that I see," she said in a previous interview.

Persons wishing to assist Dejanique Bryan may contact her mother, Hermine Smith, at 876-378-7985.

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