Three houses burnt in Riverton in 24 hours

September 08, 2018
Firemen conduct cooling down operations at a burnt out house in Riverton earlier this month.
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Residents of Riverton look on as firemen perform cooling down operation at the scene of a fire iin Riverton, St Andrew on Friday. The house was one of two that were set a blaze by aronists.

Within 24 hours, three houses were destroyed in the community of Riverton.

The first was one on Thursday, September 6 and the other two were destroyed yesterday.

Jane Brown*, one of the homeowners affected, said she has lived in the community for more than 20 years.

She told THE STAR that she was at work yesterday when she got the call that her house was on fire.

She immediately left and went to see what happened.

When she arrived in the community, her house was no more. All her belongings were burnt and as no one was at home, she was unable to save anything.


She said that she is devastated and not sure how she will move on from here.

"Dem set mi house on fire and mi nuh sure weh mi a go do right now. A just Sunday mi bury mi brother weh dem shoot up and now this," she said.

Another resident in the community told the news team that there is an ongoing war in the community and this may be a result of that.

"War a gwaan and the man dem a seh dem a go bun dung houses and shoot up people. A dat gwaan," the resident said.

Elvinston Davis, acting district officer for the Trench Town Fire Station, said that the damage for one of the houses is estimated at J$2 million.

He said that there was no assessment done to the second house as no one was present.

"We got the report at about 2:30 p.m. today [yesterday] and we responded. When we came we heard that there were two houses on fire, so we called a back-up unit to help to put out the blaze," he said.

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