Alligator Pond to get marine base

September 11, 2018
A section of Alligator Pond.

Government is in the process of acquiring lands at key points across the island for the construction of three marine bases at a cost of $80 million.
The project is part of efforts by the Administration to protect Jamaica’s borders by curtailing illicit activities.

One of the bases will be located at Alligator Pond in St Elizabeth, while the other two will be at Rocky Point in Clarendon and James Bond Beach in St Mary.

The bases will be jointly established and operated by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA).

Acting Director for Protective Security in the Ministry of National Security, Paul Henry, said that the areas were chosen based on intelligence.

“Intelligence and information would indicate that these specific geographical areas would be areas of concern, as it relates to interdicting shipments of contraband, whether they are regular contraband or high-security contraband,” he said.

Henry said that "we are advanced in acquiring and leasing the lands as it relates to Oracabessa. The lease was drafted and it is now being reviewed ... and will be eventually returned to the National Land Agency and the landowners for final signature,” he said.

As it relates to Alligator Pond, he indicated that a location has been identified and negotiations are being done with the owner.

Crown lands will be leased for the Rocky Point site. 

The marine bases will be used to deter, prevent, detect and/or prosecute breaches of the Customs and other laws of Jamaica.
Activities will include interception of suspicious vessels, persons and/or goods, coastal surveillance and intelligence gathering.

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