Vox Pop: Is there any spin-off benefit from tourism in Duncans?

September 11, 2018
Garnell Wisdom
Sandra James
Delroy Williams


Garnell Wisdom: "I nah feel the effect of tourism because tourist nah come here as often and we nah make no money. When you go Falmouth, a bay tourist, but Duncans not getting any despite being a historical town."

Delroy Williams: "Yes, because from January to February, we have a number of tourists pass through the area. Other time throughout the year we have couple and we make a little money but not every day. We want things to improve because it can be better."

Sandra James: "Yes, because take Duncans Bay, for example, it's a resort community and there is direct tourism benefit. Between October and April is the season where you will see the most tourists."

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