Two-year-old needs bone marrow transplant

September 13, 2018
Christal Gentles and her son Daniel Harley
Little Daniel Harley needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

Only a year after Daniel Harley was born, he was diagnosed with leukaemia. His mother, Christal Gentles, had no idea what was happening to her child.

But the fact that he wasn't eating, had joint pains and a big belly were enough for her to carry him to the hospital.

"He was not playing as much. At nights he had fatigue, he would just get up and cry. When I brought him to the hospital, they were saying that his hand was sprained," she said.

Finally, a doctor in St Elizabeth decided to look deeper into her son's condition.

"The hospital admitted him because they said he was coming in with too many joint issues. They ran his blood test and saw that his white blood cell count was elevated, higher than the number that it was supposed to be," she said.

Gentles told THE STAR that she got medication for Daniel, but he was still not eating.

After some tests were done, it was discovered that he had cancer. The road ahead for Gentles seemed long, and she became depressed and was crying uncontrollably.

Her life savings had to be utilised for chemotherapy. She said that when the tests were done, doctors discovered that Daniel's lungs and spleen were swollen.

"After that, they did a blood sample and found out that he had cancer. He was admitted in September. He was having renal failure as well and they had to treat that before they could treat him for the leukaemia," she said.

She said that he was doing well after the chemo, but in June of this year, the cancer came back more aggressively.

"The cancer is affecting his central nervous system and he needs to do a bone marrow transplant, according to doctors. We had to start chemo again because we had to do something while we were looking a hospital to do the transplant," she said.

As depressing as things are, Gentles said that she has to remain upbeat for her baby. She said that it is very expensive to do the transplant and she is asking for help to get some help for son.

"One hospital is charging US$455,000 (approximately J$62 million) and for the other one, they are saying that just to see the doctor to review his files, it will cost me US$15,840," she said.

Not sure of what to do or where to turn, Gentles is asking the public for assistance so her son may have a chance at a normal life.

Anyone who is willing to help little Daniel Harley is asked to call his mother at 876-799-9075, his grandmother Sonia Johnson at 876-329-4621, or his aunt Kimberley Harley at 876-856-7492

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