JFJ accuses 'rogue cops' of harassing east Kingston man

September 19, 2018


Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) has called on Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson to investigate what it called the "persistent police abuse, harassment and death threats" directed at a man named Andre Smith.

The group said it is deeply concerned by the police's disregard for Smith's legitimate complaints of harassment and urgent pleas for protection from rogue officers.

"It has been become public knowledge that Andre Smith, a resident of Maiden Street in East Kingston, has been deliberately targeted, abused continuously harassed and repeatedly detained by members of the Elletson Road police force since 2015," the JFJ said in a statement yesterday. "As a result of countless threats being made against his freedom, his safety and his life, for the last four years, Mr Smith has been forced to seek redress through filing a legal claim against the police officers who have unlawfully abused him despite being duty-bound to uphold the nations laws."




According to the statement, Smith has been arrested on false murder accusations and illegally placed in lock-ups on multiple occasions, and, due to ill-treatment while in custody, has attempted suicide more than once.

The JFJ also claimed that throughout 2017 and 2018, rogue members of the police force have broken into Smith's home without a warrant and have continued a trend of intimidation and harassment.

The group noted that head of the Kingston East Police Division, Superintendent Victor Hamilton, in a 'Sunday Gleaner' newspaper article, labelled Smith as a 'violence producer'.

"We have noted and seek to highlight that Superintendent Hamilton had to later admit that Smith was not wanted for any crimes," the group said.

The group said that despite numerous interventions by it and by INDECOM, and reports to the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, the abuse and harassment against Smith has continued.

"Accordingly, we are again calling for the intervention of the Commissioner of Police and the police high command to protect Mr Smith from police officers who have continued to harass, abuse and wrongfully detain him," the JFJ said.

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