Fisherman's Beach not just for swimming

September 21, 2018
Donna-Lee serving steamed fish with okra and crackers.
Fisherman's Beach
Patrons chilling at a restaurant at Fisherman's Beach in Discovery Bay, St Ann.
Children enjoy the water at Fisherman's Beach.
What's on sale? Patrons can get a good look at the menu.

Fisherman's Beach, located in Discovery Bay on a stretch that includes Puerto Seco, Members' Beach and Peach Beach, has been a favourite spot of many persons over the years.

Still, it waits to be discovered by the vast majority of beach lovers.

Truth be told though, Fisherman's Beach is more famous for its seafood dishes and as a fish market than it is for swimming.

Yet, it's beautiful white sand beach is spectacular, with a view of the bay where Christopher Columbus is said to have landed in 1494.

"People come here to swim, people come here to buy fish, relax, spend the day because the beach is free," Donna-Lee, who has operated a restaurant on the beach for the past 12 years, told THE STAR.

"And you know sometimes people pocket low and they want to come and chill but they don't have much money, so they can come and buy a couple pound a fish, ketch up a small fire, roast them fish, spend time wid dem family," she said. "Dat mi see di people dem do fi years. Sometimes they buy from the restaurants here or even bring dem own food and eat anywhere, and that is what we want for the people."

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