Girlfriend allegedly stabs Manchester man to death

October 04, 2018

A Manchester woman was arrested Thursday (October 4) afternoon after she allegedly stabbed her common-law husband to death in Woodlands in the parish.

The deceased has been identified as Oneil Coleman, otherwise called Bamboo.

According to police at approximately, 7 a.m. Thursday, Coleman,38, used a machete to beat her his girlfriend with whom he had a dispute. In retaliation, the girlfriend allegedly used a knife to stab him in the neck.

He reportedly ran out of the house and made his way to a neighbour's house. However, he died before he could be rushed to the hospital. 

The police said that both the deceased and the accused have made reports about each other in the past.

One of Coleman's friends said he was a hard working man.

"Him neva make trouble wid anybody. The most yuh hear from him is when him drunk and him start run him jokes," the friend said.

A distraught relative of the deceased said he was "shocked, surprised and devastated" at the news of Coleman's death.



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