Crystal Daye on a mission to motivate women

October 05, 2018
Crystal Daye, 31, is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and life coach.
Crystal Daye, 31, is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and life coach.
Crystal Daye, 31, is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and life coach.

Crystal Daye, 31, is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker as well as a business and life empowerment coach. She teaches women to “monetise their passions, build brands and businesses in God's way.”

Daye did not grow up in a strong Christian foundation but knew that the church was always a good place and found herself there.

“I was very promiscuous and I never wanted to have one boyfriend. I would party non-stop, play di man dem who offered to carry me to hotels and on trips overseas. All through it I still focused on completing my Bachelor’s degree in business,” Daye told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Daye, who has had a rough journey from moving around the inner-city communities of Maxfield Park, Kencot and Arnett Gardens, said that she was never trusting of men, having been sexually abused and also following an abortion she did at the age of 16. She went from being down and out, dealing with emotional heartbreak to losing a close friend who was leading a promiscuous lifestyle. That was when she decided to turn her life around.

After acquiring her university degree, she moved on to complete a certificate course with the US-based Christian Coach Institute in 2016. During the same year she published the first of her four books,  Living A Royal Reality: Discovering Your Identity, Purpose and Worth in Christ.

“I embarked on a new journey; if someone told me I would be using my voice in this way, I would say is a lie,” she said. “I was not confident to speak even though many would say I was bright on paper, but thought I spoke too much patois and could not ever face an audience like that.”

As a motivational special and life coach, Daye said she has stood in front of persons in the school and corporate environments more than 150 times in the past three years. She has since launched her faith-based company, Dayelight Publishers.

“It is about promoting Christian entrepreneurship and it is a niche not tapped into,” she said. 

The network was popular overseas but Daye thought it important to forge a specific niche within the Caribbean by creating a movement that involved persons using their voices (speaking or singing), literary skills and spiritual messages to form individual brands. She is also qualified to train and certify coaches.

The Indie Author Legacy Award in Baltimore nominated her for Author of the Year in the transformational book category for her first book earlier this year.

The one lesson she wants her listeners and readers, especially females, to learn she said, “There is no dream that is truly impossible once we face the fears; the choice to accept defeat is a person’s but it does not mean you should because one day, experience can make a difference.”

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