Gov't moves to water Pedro Plains

October 10, 2018
Floyd Green


Floyd Green, the member of parliament for South West St Elizabeth, wants the feasibility study for the Pedro Plains irrigation system to be completed very quickly.

"Pedro Plains has some of the largest farming communities in the entire island. For years their sustainability and production have been stifled because of a lack of affordable water for farming, and, despite this, they are still some of the most productive farmers in the county. The possibilities for the communities and the country are, therefore, immense if we can finally bring water to the plains," said Green.

Some $75 million has been set aside in the budget for the feasibility study this fiscal year.

"As a government we must get this done," Green said.

"This is one of those projects where the question is not, if it is feasible? The question must be how will it be feasible? For decades, the farmers have been lobbying for irrigation to be brought into their area and it is my belief that this move would see the largest realisation of prosperity for St Elizabeth," Green said.

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