Judge imposes $100,000 fine on man with two names

October 13, 2018

Patrick Muir threw himself at the mercy of the courts yesterday when he pleaded guilty of obtaining documents by false pretences and false declaration.

The court heard that on September 13, Muir, who is of a Kingston address, attempted to travel to Barbados on his original passport. However, facial recognition technology showed that he was trying to obtain another passport in the name of Ricardo Allen.

"I will not waste the court's time. I am guilty, Your Honour," he said.

"Travelling is life, Your Honour, and when they want to stop that, I have to do something. But as soon as I did it, I realised it was a mistake, and I did not even go back for the passport because I realised I was wrong," Muir said.

"I believe in a system of rehabilitation and second chances. You will not see me here again," he added.

Judge Chester Crooks told Muir that he must pay a fine of $5,000 for false declaration or spend three months in prison, and $95,000 for attempting to obtain a document by false pretence, or spend six months in prison.

Muir opted to pay the fine.

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