Road repairs necessary for Chatam

October 16, 2018

The community of Chatam in East Central St James wants the authorities to move quickly to repair the main road in the community.

"The road is very bad, and they need to hurry and fix it," said Violet Richards.

"The road has been like this for over four years. They had fixed it one time, but it got bad again, so we need some urgent repairs to the road. I see couple of potholes what them a cut out to work on, but I don't see anything done since then," she added.

James Russell said that dug-out potholes pose a grave danger to road users and it is therefore important that they are quickly repaired.

"It was a sticky situation them put we in, but I just want them hurry up and work on the road because a long time we live with it in a the bad state. The community badly in need of some road, and it's not only Chatam alone, but everywhere," he said.

In addition to the need for repairs to the main road, the community members say there are other aspects of the community that are in need of attention.

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