Gangsters being taken down in Hanover

October 23, 2018
Sharon Beeput

Head of the Hanover police, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, said the removal of criminals is chiefly responsible for a decline in criminal activities in her area.

"Gang activities have minimised significantly as the majority of the crime producers have been taken out of the space in one way or the other," said Beeput.

"The vast majority of the persons, who were on the police's radar at the start of the year, especially persons involved in gangs and gang-related activities, has been taken out of the space, which must be reassuring to the residents, whose cooperation we are seeking to make things better," said Beeput.




Hanover, which was once the nation's safest parish, has been under a criminal siege in recent years. However, Beeput said the parish is beginning to turn the corner.

"We are looking at a 43 percent clear-up rate for 2018 compared to the 34 to 35 per cent for the similar period in 2017," said Beeput, the parish's commanding officer.

"I think that is very good and we are looking to get even better going forward."

"Since the start of October, there has been only one incident of shooting in the parish while over the same period, the police seized two illegal firearms along with six rounds of ammunition and eight pounds of ganja," said Beeput. "We just need to clamp down on the lesser crimes to start moving into a position of comfort."

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