Pratville Primary and Infant School renovated

October 24, 2018
Digicel Jamaica Marketing Manager Monique McLeod pushes as eager girl on the school's new swing set.
The newly renovated Pratville Infant School Department.

Pratville Primary and Infant School in Manchester has received full certification as an early childhood institution.

The school, which benefited from renovation works, courtesy of Digicel Foundation, achieved all ECC's twelve operating standards inclusive of staffing arrangements; education and development programmes; health and nutrition; safety and security, and administration and finance.

"This school, including teachers and staff as well as community members, has worked hard to fulfil the legal requirements for operating in Jamaica. At the ECC, we are also striving to support all our early childhood institutions that are striving to raise standards, for the benefit of our youngest citizens," Karlene DeGrasse-Deslandes, executive director of the ECC, said.

Digicel Foundation has been assisting five rural schools with funding for the upgrade of schools. So far, J$37 million has been spent on upgrading the schools.

Digicel Foundation's work on these schools includes refurbishing, tiling, painting, perimeter fencing, the installation of drywall partitions and smoke detectors to ensure the youngsters' safety and comfort.

"We believe that our little ones should get off to the best possible start in life. We are proud of our partnership with the ECC and we applaud their determination and commitment," said Karlene Dawson, CEO of Digicel Foundation.

"This is in keeping with our shared vision to improve levels of early childhood and primary education. These institutions are the building blocks for Jamaica's future."

In addition to Pratville, Digicel Foundation has been working with four additional schools, namely: New Works Primary and Infant and Upper Rock Spring Primary and Infant, both in Westmoreland; Cassava River Primary and Infant Department in St. Catherine; and Carrisbrook Primary and Infant in St. Elizabeth.

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