Jullisa Reid has been found

October 30, 2018
Jullisa Reid has been found.

"Words can't explain how I feel. I am happy to see her alive and in one piece," said Jullisa's mother, Sasha Gay Hylton.

Jullisa, 13, who is a second form student at The Queen's School, did not return home from school on Friday, and was last seen in a bus heading to downtown Kingston.

On Sunday, Hylton described the last few days without her daughter as being like a nightmare.

"Mi a wonder if she follow her friend go somewhere and fraid to come home. I am just trying to stay positive because me nuh wah think say somebody carry her away or so on. All that is running through my mind if she OK, eat, sleep or if she lay down somewhere dead," the distraught mother said.

Hylton is now in an upbeat mood after her child returned home today.

The teenager is now being questioned by the police.




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