Clarendon to benefit from rural agricultural support

October 31, 2018
Karl Thompson, a farmer in Suttons,Clarendon.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is supporting the preparation of two projects that jointly will provide more than US$60 million to support Jamaica's agricultural and rural development.

One of the projects is being funded by the World Bank and the other by the Caribbean Development Bank.

The Caribbean Development Bank project includes a feasibility study and a project geared towards enhancing the productivity of farmers in the parishes of St Catherine and Clarendon.

The feasibility study will establish capacity for an agriculture project, including an irrigation system and associated production and marketing systems. Challenges for the agriculture sector in Jamaica include irregular rainfall patterns and an increase in the frequency of droughts and these are areas for support through the project.

The World Bank project is expected to enhance market access and climate resilience of micro, small, and medium-sized agriculture and community tourism enterprises.

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